Welcome back to Made in Maine blog. If you missed our podcast last week-you can find it here. Before we get started in this week’s blog, I just wanted to thank everyone who stepped up and helped the owners of Sider’s Woodcrafting. Truly amazing how people from the community and complete strangers were willing to help, thanks. On this week’s podcast, Made in Maine has extended their invitation to Jim “Jimbo” Collins of the New
Hey Mainers ! This is a truly special episode on Made in Maine podcast. After a horrific fire and losing most of his workplace, Bruce and Mary from Sider’s Wood Crafting stop by the studio and open up about their loss and rebuilding the business. So far there’s been tremendous support from the community. Thank you everyone and enjoy the read.  Bruce is returning home from a long and tiring trade show in Bangor. He
Welcome back friends ! We are back once again with Made in Maine Podcast. This week’s featured guest is Mike from Hilltop Boilers Maple Syrup. Located in Newfield, Maine , this family business has been producing maple syrup products  faithfully for nearly three decades. Joining us via Skype, Mike explains his day to day operations and how they produce sap by turning it into delicious maple syrup.  Made in Maine good ol’ history lesson Ever
Welcome back Mainiacs! On the most recent episode of the Made In Maine podcast, Matt (Owner of Black Dog Ironworks) and Dan (Owner of Box of Maine) had Girard and Malaika Picard from the Maine Needham Company visit. They have such an interesting story to share about buying the company, moving it to Saco, Maine and producing it with their State-Certified Kitchen in the basement of their home. They sat down with the new owners of Needham’s
Made In Maine Podcast Episode 2  Welcome back everyone! Last week on the Made In Maine podcast, Matt (Owner of Black Dog Ironworks) and Dan (Owner of Box of Maine) sit down with Roger and Sarah Buzby, the owners of Mainely Coffee. In this blog, they will sit down and chat about how their business got started , blending different coffee beans, exploring how hot/cold blends are made and where coffee beans are grown and