Welcome back to Made in Maine blog. If you missed our podcast last week-you can find it here. Before we get started in this week’s blog, I just wanted to thank everyone who stepped up and helped the owners of Sider’s Woodcrafting. Truly amazing how people from the community and
Made In Maine Podcast Episode 2  Welcome back everyone! Last week on the Made In Maine podcast, Matt (Owner of Black Dog Ironworks) and Dan (Owner of Box of Maine) sit down with Roger and Sarah Buzby, the owners of Mainely Coffee. In this blog, they will sit down and
  Hello everyone, Tutti amano la pizza! Everybody loves pizza! This podcast should touch the hearts of many people, especially Italian’s. On this week’s podcast, Made in Maine has invited Will from Pompeii’s Pizza. They chat about how the business started, Will working his way up the company chain and
Hey Mainers ! This is a truly special episode on Made in Maine podcast. After a horrific fire and losing most of his workplace, Bruce and Mary from Sider’s Wood Crafting stop by the studio and open up about their loss and rebuilding the business. So far there’s been tremendous
    Welcome back everyone ! How’s my Mainah’s? Before we start the Top 10 countdown, I want to thank the readers for the success of my last blog- Everything you need to know about Ice Fishing, I spent many hours working on the blog and it felt great to
  Whew! what a exceptionally humid summer in Maine so far but that’s nothing new for us rugged Mainah’s. Don’t worry, I have the perfect remedy for that summer heat- The Lobster roll! There’s just something iconic about the whole experience of spending the day driving to the Maine coast
If you are looking for a sentimental gift for the holidays then look no further! Now you can create your own custom box filled with the things that make Maine so great! From the southern most part of the state, to the rocky coastline and all the way up to the
Happy Holidays everyone ! I’m back from a delicious Thanksgiving and ready to change my holiday cheer to Christmas. But first, if you’re new here- Welcome and Made in Maine thanks you for the visit. Made in Maine was establish by Daniel Finnemore from & Matt Foster from
  Happy New Year ! Welcome back everyone. How was everyone’s holidays?  I had a relaxing Christmas with my close friends and a little bummed out I couldn’t visit my family this year. I know with many Covid-19 restrictions some Christmas traditions were put on hold but us Mainah’s are
Welcome back Mainiacs! On the most recent episode of the Made In Maine podcast, Matt (Owner of Black Dog Ironworks) and Dan (Owner of Box of Maine) had Girard and Malaika Picard from the Maine Needham Company visit. They have such an interesting story to share about buying the company, moving it
    Fiddleheads contain various vitamins and minerals, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Welcome back Mainers ! On this week’s blog I’ll be featuring one of Maine’s most desirable food – Ostrich Fern Fiddleheads.  With a very short seasonal window for Maine’s fiddleheads, I will show you
    Hey there MAINEiacs! We have something exceptionally special for you this week! With years in the making Box of Maine has scoured the entire state of Maine for the perfect gluten-free products to combine together for our long awaited- Gluten Free Box! We have received dozens of comments
    Thanks for everyone who took a few minutes of their busy day to check out Box of Maine’s Top 5, If you’re interested in booking a trip, I’d do it asap, after doing my research, I’ve learned many of these places featured STILL have stops left but not
Hi ya, Governor! Any local Mainer’s familiar with that saying? That’s right, Governor’s Restaurant. On last month’s podcast, Made in Maine invited Jason Clay the new Director of Operations for the family owned & operated Restaurant to sit down and chat about the History of the Company, overcoming challenges due
This week in Lincoln, Maine a man is seen getting out of his vehicle to film a moose…. from less than 2 feet away! The moose was blocking traffic right off I-95 near the Lincoln exit when Lisa Carroll filmed a man getting out of his truck to get a
Hey everyone, it’s Joseph Finnemore, I am a Creative Writer for Box of Maine. On this weeks blog of Made in Maine, Daniel and Matt have invited Paul and Julie Roberts from Coastal Maine Popcorn. Their business is located at 15 Townsend Ave, Boothbay Harbor, ME. If you haven’t had
1. Ployes “A recipe based on the one created by the French Acadian exiles who settled in Northern Maine, Ployes are as elegant as a fine crepe, as hearty as a breakfast pancake and as versatile as any bread. Ployes are creating their own identity. From appetizers to main course
Welcome ! Happy February Mainers. On this week’s blog, I dive deep into one of our greatest outdoor winter activity- Maine Ice Fishing. Being raised in Maine, there’s a strong chance you grew up with your father taking your siblings and you fishing to his favorite spot on the Lake,
Welcome back friends ! We are back once again with Made in Maine Podcast. This week’s featured guest is Mike from Hilltop Boilers Maple Syrup. Located in Newfield, Maine , this family business has been producing maple syrup products  faithfully for nearly three decades. Joining us via Skype, Mike explains
  Why popcorn? Many years ago,  Little Lad’s were searching for a healthy side dish to serve at their restaurant patrons. They popped up a few batches of their family’s favorite popcorn and customers enjoyed it so much, they started asking for bags of the popcorn to take home. For
  It’s Blueberry season! On this Box of Maine blog we dive deep into a fruit that just about every Mainer has tried at some point in their life. Love it or hate it, this slightly sweet tasting but acidic berry is not just used in your grandma’s blueberry pie or a source of antioxidants. This tart fruit has helped many small businesses
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