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Welcome back everybody, I know we’re still dealing with  Covid-19 and and I’ve been a little slow on getting these blogs out but I’m back and thankfully corona free. Now after a long days work, you muscles are aching and covered in sweat, what’s the best way to fix this forever? that’s right, Forever Clean Soap !

On 8th podcast of Made in Maine we welcome the Women of Forever Clean Soap.  Around 2003, the women of FCS met in the locker room of Gilly’s gym. No longer open, they remain friends (two of the owners being sisters) and with the hobby of traveling around Maine for ” little adventures” , the friends would bring little gifts for each other when starting a trip. Forever Clean Soap explains ” so we would buy soap and bring soap to each other, and it kind of just became a tradition and every place we visited, we would buy soap for each other. We were just brainstorming one day and said jeez, we outta learn to make soap”.

At this point they were all working other jobs but reflected on their retirement and which direction they wanted to go in life.

After doing research and watching Youtube videos, the women pooled their money and bought enough ingredients to make one batch.

After listening to the podcast, I’ve learned there’s a science to soap making. After trying different recipes they finally came up with their own. They go on to explain that teamwork plays such an important role. They do most of the soap making in Terri’s kitchen

Since I’ve started writing for Box of Maine and Made in Maine, I’ve noticed that the majority of support comes from Family and friends. They plant the seed of success and slowly but surely their business grows.

Forever Clean Soap has every product you need to start having your skin feel great. They first started out with Fur Needle, Lavender and Lemongrass. Since the company has grown, so has the scents.

They had Bath Bombs and Shower Bursts ” Indulge”, which are very affordable. For the Mainers who suffer from dry skin, they have a product that will help- Body Butter. On the Website, I noticed the Body Butter comes in many different scents such as “Whipped Body Butter- Coconut” – They have the Body Butter scents such as Lemongrass, Lilac, Vanilla Lavender. If your dealing with sore muscles and body aches, they offer Body Butter with CBD.

They offer many different colors of soap and different types. They offer soap with Goat’s Milk. At a very reasonable price of six dollars a bar, you can find Goat’s Milk with Lemongrass, Rosemary, Spearmint and Goat’s Milk Tea Tree.  On the podcast, the women speak on their customer service and that once the order comes through, it’s packed and sent out that day, they joke about even having their husbands deliver

What I was drawn to is the Maine Themed Soaps , The Avocado Cilantro Lime, Beautiful day, Apple Balsam Pine. I’ll post a few photos of the soaps that caught my eye.






How unique are the soaps? If you’re from Maine and get a few minutes, the website will truly show you how amazing and talented this Women are from Forever Clean Soap. From listening to the podcast, I can tell these Women truly have a passion in creating soap. I won’t be surprised that Forever Clean Soap with become mainstream within the next couple years.  The women found the right guy to create the website and have delivery down to a science.

Forever Clean Soap is an LLC and they are on Instagram, Facebook and also have a newsletter they put out every couple months. Since Covid has shown its ugly head, it’s hard for smaller business to operate. Check out the website and try a few products, if you become a fan- please tell your friends and neighbors about them. You can even use the soaps on animals ! Check out the podcast

Forever Clean Soap is also available on – you can order a gift box with the soap included.  Great idea for Mother’s day, Christmas and Birthdays.

Forever Clean Soap – Look at all those soaps!





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Custom Maine Made Gift Boxes

Delivered right to your door with free shipping

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